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The following pages provide a look inside the
history of libraries and librarianship.  Librarians
have always worked hard to adapt to the
constantly changing technology that is meant to
make libraries more efficient.  The changes vary
from the
methods used to catalog items to the
tools used to catalog them.  Within these pages
can be seen the transition, innovation, and the
differences from one method or tool to the next.

This virtual museum is for the new generation of
librarians who may not be familiar with the tools
and methods used before technology and the
digitization of library catalogs stepped in.  It is
also for those experienced librarians who have
been in the profession for many years; perhaps
the museum will bring back a bit of nostalgia.

As you clean out your closets, please keep the
virtual museum in mind! We would LOVE to have
any unwanted cataloging, acquisitions or
circulation items.  Send digital pictures or the
actual item!  Drop us an
email!  We'd love to
place your artifacts in our virtual museum!
The Virtual Museum of
Cataloging and
Acquisitions Artifacts
Artifacts or pictures of
artifacts have been
donated by many kind
librarians and libraries.  
Without them, there
would be no Virtual
Museum of Cataloging and
Acquisitions Artifacts.
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