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Card Catalog Cabinets
Card Cabinet 2
Card Catalog
This 12 tray dark oak card catalog has a Library Bureau tag on it.
According to the U. S. patent information on the blocks that hold the cards
in place it was manufactured after May 1903. This cabinet is 13¾” wide,
by 15½” deep, by 19¼” high; it holds Harvard College size cards (2” x 5”)
that were one of the two standard sizes adopted at the first American
Library Association conference in 1877. It was formerly used at the
Middlebury College Library in Middlebury, VT. Although more compact than
trays holding cards of the other standard (3” x 5”), these smaller catalogs
were largely abandoned by 1925. That was probably due to the fact that
when the catalog cards in it were tightly packed it was difficult to read text
toward the bottom of the card.
Card Cabinet
Card Catalog
This four tray (12 unit) cherry card catalog cabinet has a Library Bureau
tag on it. Undated in any fashion it is 10¾” wide, by 13” deep, by 9 ¾”
high; it was designed to hold cards measuring 2” by 2 ¾” that are an
unusual size. It was purchased at an antique store and now information
about its former place or use is available.
Thank you to Norman Stevens for providing the images and text for the card
cabinets above.
Card Cabinet 3
This is another great example of a new use for a card catalog cabinet! At the
Language Services Library of the International Monetary Fund, Washington
DC, the old cabinet became the perfect place for the In and Out mail trays.
Thank you to Maryam Dehnadi for sending the above image.
Need some ideas for what to do with your old
Some examples of uses for old card catalogs:

In November, 1982, American Libraries published an article entitled, 101
Uses for a Dead Catalog Contest.
The Journal is published by the American
Library Association.
The article accepted entries from all over the country for ways in which old
card catalogs can be used.
Some of the ideas varied from using the individual drawers for baking
bread (a bit far-fetched), to storing cassette tapes or bottles of wine.

The Library History Buff also came up with ideas for what to do with the old
card catalogs.  See how a candy store made great use out of those small
card catalog drawers!
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