Heidi's Washable Book Weight -- Let me make one for you!
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A washable, easily stored book weight for holding open your cook book!
* No more losing the recipe at an inopportune moment!
* No more balancing cans on your cook books to keep them open!
* No more ripping pages on rigid plastic cookbook holders!
* No more worries about spilling ingredients on your leather book weight!

A soft, cotton book weight for holding your Bible or inspirational book open to important quotes!
* Great for outdoor weddings and other ceremonies!
* Choose the fabric to match your book binding, decor, or occasion!

A book weight that can be thrown in a drawer or book bag and washed when grungy!
* For students and scholars taking notes!
* For artists inspired by illustrations!
* For handi-folks and crafters following instructions!
* For librarians!  For teachers!  For archivists & historians!
* For anyone using books for reference!
* Also great for holding down piles of plates and napkins at windy picnics!

I store mine close at hand tossed in the dish towel drawer.  Who wants a rigid cookbook stand taking up
precious counter or desk space?

Your book weight cover will be
* made from a fabric you choose from among my extensive stash -
click here to start fabric choice
* made of 100% quilt-store quality cotton
* lined with muslin
* interfaced for strength
* without raw edges, inside or out, to prevent fraying
* pre-shrunk to assure post-washing quality

The 1 pound weight is
* washable, flexible, plastic coated steel
* easily removed for washing
* plenty to keep all but the stubbornest of books open

Should you spill something on your Heidi's Washable Book Weight, simply remove the weight and toss the
cover in with your laundry.  Rinse the weight in the sink and allow to dry.  Replacing the weight is easier than
putting a pillow in a slip.  Full instructions are provided.

If you wish larger or smaller book weights, matching ones, or have another special request, just send me a
message and I bet we can work something out that will meet your needs.  And, of course, I can gift wrap one
and send it anywhere you request!  Combined shipping is available.

Non-library-connected customers:  $11; multiple order $10 each
Libraries and library workers: $9.50; multiple order $8.50 each

To US using USPS Priority Mail
    1 or 2 weights: $4.90-$8.95 (Postage calculated by weight and zip code using USPS calculator.)  
    3-15 weights: $8.95 (USPS flat rate box)
    I will work with you to find the least expensive alternative for international shipments, again using the USPS
    calculator and based on weight.  You may be able to order the covers from me and get the weights locally to
    lessen international shipping costs on multiple orders.

Any questions?  Want to order?  Email heidihoerman@yahoo.com
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